i never thought of myself as the creative type. i have a pretty cool mom who was always making crafty little things when i was younger. i suppose it was her doing as my 3 sisters are all pretty creative, too.

mine started with a papermaking kit. it sent me into a tizzy. i was in love. i fell in love with paper. my first papers were made using your typical recycled scraps, magazines, mail, old letters. years later, we now use abaca which is a plant fiber. natural, earth pigments for color. grasses & herbs for pizzazz. paperbyolga was my name then. i strictly made wedding invitations for blushing brides all over the world. i have now expanded to more.

i love lighthouses. i don’t exactly know why. maybe it’s the calmness of them. maybe it’s because they are so strong looking & their job is to “light the way”.

i love flowers. wildflowers. lilies. tulips, daisies. i never met a flower i didn't love. i love taking pictures. where ever my eye takes me. i love fashion. i love vintage things. i love shoes & boots 2. and a good hat and brooch will always make an outfit better.

i love my family. i love my friends. i love my charity work. i love to help people. i love creating something that is kind to *our* earth. i love to give.

reborn; petitepapel. petite=small, delicate. papel=paper.

thanks for the read. enjoy your visit.
peace & love.